Announcement on the Establishment of WPGA

Nearly 20 years have passed since the first International Amateur Pair Go Championship was held in December 1990 in Tokyo. During this period, Pair Go has gained popularity around the world as a distinctly different intellectual game from traditional Go in its depth, strategy as well as interest, and now it is an essential element of Go events everywhere.

In addition, Pair Go, played by pairs each consisting of a lady and a gentleman, has greatly contributed to the promotion of international goodwill, comparable to the game of Contract Bridge, which is also played by pairs. Pair Go competitions have always been held in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere compared to conventional Go events, because, as somebody aptly put it, "if you win, the joy is double. If you lose, the sorrow is only half".

In October 2008, the World Mind Sports Games will be held in Beijing under the auspices of the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA), and Pair Go is included as one of the official competitions in this event. The Japan Pair Go Association has proposed to Mr. Jos·Damiani, President of IMSA, that we will be ready to sponsor and organize, in collaboration with IGF, the Pair Go event in the 2008 World Mind Sports Games in Beijing.

Under these circumstances, we strongly believe that commemorating the 20th anniversary of Pair Go, now is the time to establish an international organization of Pair Go in order to a) further promote and spread this wonderful game, b) strengthen the ties of Pair Go players and the support to Pair Go events around the world, and finally c) collaborate with IGF and IMSA for the promotion of Mind Sports. We cordially ask the understanding and support of every Pair Go and Go association around the world.

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