Q1:What is the purpose of setting up an international organization of Pair Go?

A1:We feel that the establishment of an international organization of Pair Go would help to further encourage, promote and support Pair Go activities systematically as well as continuously all over the world.
WPGA activities would complement those of the International Go Federation in the specific field of Pair Go.

Q2:What are the requisites to join WPGA? Is it necessary to set up a Pair Go organization in our country in order to join WPGA?

A2:You donít have to set up a Pair Go Organization. Any national Go association can apply for membership.

Q3:Our Association is already a member of IGF. If we join two Go federations, that means we have to pay additional membership fees? Whatís the merit of joining WPGA?

A3:We very well understand that many Go organizations are very small, and for the time being, the Japan Pair Go Association will cover the necessary expenses of WPGA. In the future, we hope that the WPGA expenses will be borne by its members.
By joining WPGA, you can get more support to your Pair Go events and promotional activities through WPGA.

Q4:Does WPGA intend to join international sports organizations such as the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) or the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF)?

A4:We have no intention of joining either IMSA or GAISF. We would welcome the opportunity to cooperate with IMSA and GAISF on the effort for the Olympic movement of Go. In fact, we have proposed to Mr. Josť Damiani, President of IMSA that the WPGA is willing to collaborate with the IGF in organizing the Pair Go event in the World Mind Sports Games to be held in Beijing in October 2008. As its first official activity, WPGA plans to send 32 pairs to this event from the WPGA member countries.

Q5:What is the schedule for the establishment of WPGA?

A5:We intend to hold the inaugural General Meeting at the occasion of the 18th International Amateur Pair Go Championship in November 2007. We will send the draft Statutes, registration form and other documents to all national Go associations in due course.

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