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Pair Go Promotion Partners

Numbers to the right of photos indicate the tournaments played in.

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  • Maria Beatriz Concha
  • Juan Carlos Carrillo
  • Jenny Basualto Linares
  • Leonardo Avelio Sepulveda Donoso
  • Claudia Flores
  • Sebastian Montiel


  • Fang Fang
     Maybe because it was my first participation and I was nervous, I lost in the 1st round and came 10th. I was very disappointed.
  • Zhang Cheng Hun
  • Ma Wei
  • Tang Yi
  • Ning Jun
  • Zhu Ju Fei
  • Hong Yan
  • Zhu Wenxin
  • Wei Xin
  • Shen Man Rong
     I made friends from many countries. We gathered in a hall and played to improve together by encouraging each other. Then I improved my strength.
  • Xi Yan Yan
     It has been more than 10 years since I participated in my first international tournament. I was very impressed. And I had a very good experience that I could get to know many people.
  • Fan Weijing
  • Wang Ni Qiao
  • Chi XinXin
  • Zhang Yan Qi
     Compared to Go, Pair Go is more interesting to experience how to synchronise. Also, I think the organization and contents of the event are really wonderful and wearing national costume is very characteristic. I love Pair Go very much and I often hold Pair Go tournaments.
  • Li Nian Nian
  • Yan Ling
  • Chen Yi Ming
  • Wang Xiang Ru
  • Ye Chang
  • Wang Jing Xin
  • Gao Yong Mei
  • Wang Rui
     This is the most interesting game to me. It gives me a new understanding of Pair Go.
  • Dong Qin
  • Huang Xiaodi
  • Li Xuemeng
  • Wu Yiming
  • Zhang Jian Dong
     25 years ago, it was very unusual to participate in a Pair Go tournament. Later, gradually, there are more and more Pair Go tournaments.
  • Xie Yuguo
  • Yang Yi
     Pair Go is very interesting and also is good for spreading Go.
  • Xing Yin Da
  • Lu Yong He
  • Liu Chuan Li
  • Dong Yin Kui
  • Jin Tongshi
  • Feng Zong Cun
  • Du Wei Xin
  • Huang Chen
  • Qian Le Ping
  • Huang Xue Zhi
  • Han Hui
  • Liu Fan
  • Long Lin
  • Liu Li Rong
  • Wang Jian Jun
  • Tang Zheng
  • Li Zi Qi
  • Zhou Gang
     In China, I think, Pair Go should be highly valued because almost all Chinese families can only bear one child. And those kids grow up individually. For educating those children, the design of Pair Go perfectly fits these needs. If possible, I do my best to promote Pair Go in China.
  • Yao Jun
  • Zhang Rongzheng
  • Gu Wenkai
  • Zhao Bangqiao


  • Giovanna Puerta
  • Jorge Sanz
  • Alejandra Guzman
     I feel that when Go is shared amongst family, it is a very nice way to teach, learn, and understand, because it becomes part of your environment, part of the family experience. It is nice to see a couple helping to build the same path in which they walk together, each one of them with their own thoughts, feelings, and intentions flowing harmoniously to reach the same goal. In life as in Go.
  • Juan Carlos Pachon
     I should say, being part of the 19th IAPGC was even more special for my wife and me, because it matched perfectly with our first anniversary and it was like our honeymoon. I still remember the incident after the friendship game. My wife could not walk in the traditonal shoes and then the player from the Netherlands offered to carry her to the place where the party was held.

Costa Rica

  • Karla Vanessa Sanchez Lopez
     It was interesting to meet people from other countries.
  • Eugenia Arguedas
  • Enrique Boza
     Amazing and wonderful experience that allowed me to make new friends and experience different cultures.


  • Jasmina Mutabzija
  • Tea Robotic
  • Mirta Medak
  • Zoran Mutabzija
  • Mladen Smud
  • Damir Medak


  • Ivonne Diaz
  • Rafael Torres
     Pair Go helps to have a better idea of the game in couple and good for popularization in Cuba. Now in Cuba, there are more girls and children playing Go and we hope that will attract more male players to play Go.


  • Maria Leonidou
  • Nicholas Roussos
     I got married to my Pair Go partner, but I think that would probably happen anyway. At the moment we are still trying to popularize Go. And I still look forward to when Pair Go will become popular in my country.


  • Lenka Daňková
  • Vladimir Daněk

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