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Pair Go Promotion Partners

Numbers to the right of photos indicate the tournaments played in.

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  • Regina Quest
     I really loved to meet Go players from all over the world in such a festive atmosphere. And I enjoyed the excursion to Nikko.Thank you again for making it possible.
  • Birgit Ohlenbusch
  • Kirsten Hartmann
  • Sylvia Kalisch
  • Britta Trepczik
  • Steffi Hebsacker
    Since 2005, I am the president of Hamburg Go Federation and responsible for all marketing stuff in German Go Federation. Together with my husband, Tobias Berben, we always have the idea of Pair Go with not men and women but with adult and child! We do not have many women players in Hamburg/Germany, but many children, also many girls. Every time I see them, I think, some of them will maybe some day paticipate in the IAPGC!
  • Monika Reimpell
  • Ursula Harbrecht
  • Pei Zhao
  • Lisa Ente
  • Manja Marz
  • Olga Silber
     It's always a pleasure to be at the IAPGC and play Pair Go. I hope you can spread Pair Go further worldwide.
  • Nadja Sommerfeld
  • Jana Hollmann
  • Martin Quest
     I remember my participation in the tournament 23 years ago as a fascinating event.
  • Felix Schadendorf
  • Jan Schröer
  • Tobias Berben
     I played IAPGC twice. I married Steffi Hebsacker in 2002 and we participated in IAPGC 2003. As it was in the first year of our marriage, it was a bit like honeymoon for us. In 2006, our daughter Hannah was born and in 2012 at the European Go Congress in Germany I was very very happy to play Pair Go with her. I really hope that one day I will also play IAPGC together with my daughter!
  • Christoph Gerlach
  • Spode Matthias
  • Franz-Josef Dickhut
  • Jens Vygen
     Great atmosphere
  • Benjamin Teuber
  • Michael Marz
     I met my wife at the German Pair Go Championship 2003. We played against each other. Afterwards I asked her to come to the European Go Congress, where we played Pair Go again. And later again and again and again... We have three children (7, 2, 1), and the 7 year old one is already a regular Go player. In 2009 I submitted an essay 'How Pair Go Can Change Your Life.'
  • Michael Palant
  • Klaus Petri
  • Torsten Knauf


  • Ana Guillermina de Cáceres
  • Edgardo Cáceres


  • Veronika Varga
     It was exciting to play and try to find out my male partner's strategy who was surely a much stronger player than me. I still have the booklet of the championship and I cannot forget the funny logo picture which characterized exactly this situation.
  • Diana Koszegi
  • Rita Pocsai
  • Szonja Miskolczi
  • Julia Seres
  • Tibor Pocsai
  • Gabor Szabics
  • Gyorgy Csizmadia
  • Zoltan Fodi
  • Pál Balogh
  • Peter Marko


  • Soni Shah
  • Mandish Singh
  • Akanksha Narain
  • Abhishek Narain
  • Rekha Yadav
  • Manoj Kumar Yadav
    When I participated in the tournament, players were instructed to wear national costumes. This was a huge impact on me but I started wearing my national costume in almost every event thereafter.


  • Surjani Lie
  • Aiko Urfia Rakhmi
  • Harfina
  • Arundina Miranti
  • Lie Diana
  • Katherine Isabella
  • Woei Haw Djap
  • Wicky Sugiharta
  • Daniel Jakadewa
  • Daniel Thalib
     It was fun playing games as a pair and we also could build trust and more understanding with each other and we share all the win and losses. I think making every player wear their national costume is a very great idea.
  • Wembris Isral


  • Margaret McGaley
  • Bernard Palmer
  • Sheena Walsh
  • Kenneth Savage


  • Tatiana Rodin Entin
  • Leonid Entin


  • Raffaella Giardino
  • Nicoletta Corradi
  • Francesca Mauri
  • Odetta Ranfagni
  • Federica Fulignati
  • Sara Tirabassi
     At IAPGC, I had the occasion of seeing the places where real Go is played, and to see how it is a part of Japanese culture and history. I liked very much the friendlier feeling of Pair Go games, compared to single player tournament games, and I enjoyed the IAPGC that put on some basis to a cultural exchange through Go. I keep in touch with people from other countries and even wrote a few articles about Go around the world to publish in a small Italian magazine.
  • Chiara Biscaro
  • Sofia Malatesta
  • Alberto Rezza
  • Gionata Soletti
  • Paolo Montrasio
  • Cristiano Garbarini
  • Diego Durazzi
  • Andrea Partiti
     I haven't married my Pair Go partner, Sara Tirabassi, yet, but our story is deeply connected with Pair Go. We met at the Pisa Go Club, in 2008. She had just started playing Go, a few games online, and she wanted to try it live. Then, I happened to be her partner for the game, and of course, we lost badly! Since then, we used the Go as an excuse to meet. After the IAPGC we played in, we felt even closer and we moved in together a few months later. It has been almost 6 years. I already know that Sara will be my life partner.
  • Davide Minieri
  • Niccolo Sgaravatti

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