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Pair Go Promotion Partner

Pair Go Promotion Partners

Numbers to the right of photos indicate the tournaments played in.

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Ma - Ne | No - Ro | Ru - Sp | Sw - Uk | Un - Yu | Ch - Ho


  • Irina Leshcheva
  • Svetlana Shikshina
  • Natalia Kovaleva
     I adore Pair Go. That's why I played already 6 times and hope to play there many more times.
  • Dina Burdakova
  • Margarita Bogdanova
  • Elvina Kalsberg
  • Natalia Skobeleva
  • Ivan Detkov
     It is a tough job to keep development of Pair Go under current economic conditions. I must say congratulations on a great job and many thanks to your sponsors!
  • Alexey Lazarev
     Took part in IAPGC in 1991,1993,1996,1999,2004.These were wonderful events!
  • Victor Bogdanov
     I married Margarita (my Pair Go partner) in 1984. That time, we played Go and rengo in Soviet Union, but we knew nothing about Pair Go. This year our marriage will be 30 years. So, unfortunately we could not get married through Pair Go.
  • Evgueni Panioukov
  • Dmitry Surin
     It's very difficult to play Pair Go for long time with one partner. If couples can do it, they really love each other!
  • Evgeny Matveev
     The most astonishing thing about Pair Go is that the mutual understanding is usually more important than playing strength. It was a valuable lesson I'll never forget.
  • Maxim Podolyak
  • Vladimir Gorzhaltsan
  • Grigorii Fionin

Serbia and Montenegro(former)

  • Iva Gabaric
  • Zoran Jankovic
     That was a wonderful idea to organize such an event 25 years ago. It is still a wonderful idea today, also.


  • Natasa Bosnjak
  • Dragan Dubakovic
     I expect Pair Go to become bigger and more popular every year. I hope we all will be here to celebrate 50th anniversary.


  • Lixian Ao
  • Cecilia Kwok Szenga
  • Guek-Beng Seng
  • Si Jing Lim
  • Ying Yih Low
  • Chuan Ling Pooh
  • Yoke Yun Loy
  • Mun Yi Cheng
  • Ho Li Ting
     It was a good chance to interact with people from many different countries. I was very comfortable and had a good time. I also learned a lot about Go and Pair Go.
  • Berlinda Ang
     Pair Go really tests the chemistry between two players. For this, I know of two friends who got to know each other for 8 years. The girl decided to play Go, and started training with the guy. From there on, they started playing Pair Go together and now are an item.
  • Dawn Sum
  • Wei Long Koh
  • Benson Lai Zhiy
  • Phak Mong Chua
  • Kim Swee Khoo
  • Sioh Tian Yeo
  • Kiah Tian Goh
  • Gin Hor Chan
  • Ting Yu Yen
  • Yu Xiang Lou
  • Daniel Chan
     I have been encouraging my Go friends to attend the IAPGC because I believe that a Go player should attend this wonderful competition at least once in their lifetime.
  • Xiang Zhang
     My current girlfriend is my Pair Go partner.
  • Genial Tan
  • James Lee
     As a Go instructor, I experimented with many different methods to train my students in Go and Pair Go has become one of my favorite methods in allowing my students to gain focus, discipline, mutual respect and make friends at the same time. The students who partnered together became very good friends and eventually they became a couple attending Go classes together. So this incident proved to me that Pair Go is truly a beautiful game!


  • Lubica Hrdinova
  • Lucia Lassakova
  • Monika Cernikova
  • Lubica Hrdinova
  • Marian Hrdina
  • Ivo Svec
  • Rudolf Krusina
     I met my wife at the Go tournaments in Slovakia in 1994. There was European Go Congress in Slovakia 1999 and several honour guests from Japan were invited. IAPGC is very nice way to popularize Go all over the world and it is also very nice way to popularize Japanese culture. I am proud that I could be part of it.
  • Milan Jadron


  • Vera Rupel
  • Mirko Rupel
  • Jasna Schatz
  • Tamar Cefarin
  • Vida Hernavs
  • Bojan Rojs
  • Katja Bercic
  • Gregor Butala

South Africa

  • Liesl Gini
  • Carle Joubert
     It was a fun competition and a good way to meet many Go players from around the world and to make new friends.
  • Margot Smythe
  • Chris Visser
  • Julius Paulu
  • Francois Van Niekerk
     I thought they were well-organised and I enjoyed playing in the IAPGC. It was a great experience.
  • Ben Bredenkamp


  • Adela Ibanez
  • Dimas Cabre
  • Marisa Rodrigues
  • Javier Rodrigues
  • Isabel Barros
  • Pau Carles
  • Araceli Checa
  • Andres Tallos
  • Sonia Pulido Maroto
     The tournament was a great opportunity to share our love of Go with players from all over the world. My best friend met her boyfriend through Go and Pair Go and they're getting married this summer.
  • Miguel Ángel Castellano

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