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Pair Go Promotion Partner

Pair Go Promotion Partners

Numbers to the right of photos indicate the tournaments played in.

Ar - Ca | Ch - Cz | Cz - Fr | Ge - It | Ko - Ma |
Ma - Ne | No - Ro | Ru - Sp | Sw - Uk | Un - Yu | Ch - Ho


  • Rosario Papeschi
  • Agostina Romero
  • Guillermo Alfredo Albizuri
  • Franklin Bassarsky
  • Facundo Corvalan


  • Alla Sargsyan
     My brother also plays Go, and several times he became champion in Armenia. So we hope that one day, we will have a chance to participate in Pair Go tournament as a sister and brother pair.
  • Ashot Margaryan
     It is very interesting to play with pair.


  • Shelley Mo
  • Jack Guo
  • Tracy Nguyen
  • Brian Taylor
  • Lauren Bull
  • Tony Purcell
  • Amelia Gray
  • Mark Bell
  • Cuiying Xu
  • John Hardy
  • Jingning Xue
  • Qing Xu
  • Amy Song
  • David Ormerod
  • Anny Chen
  • Wei Xu
  • Aaron Chen


  • Eleonore Gruber
  • Sieglinde Gruber
  • Helmut Wiltschek
     I have finished writing a book "Go Stories from Austria". This book includes my experiences of the five Pair Go tournaments in which I took part.
  • Julian Gruber


  • Laura Bakhtizina
  • Ibadat Mammadov


  • Alina Kozlik
  • Valentina Shkugal
  • Aliaksandr Suponev


  • Claude Burvenich
  • Ingrid De Doncker
  • Tingting Chen
  • Marie Jemine
  • Alain Wettach
  • Jan Bogaert
  • Ismaïl Dogru
  • Vincent Lochen

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Visnjica Barisic
  • Dragan Barisic


  • Miyuki Yamashita
  • Geraldo Brito
  • Natalia Sartorio
  • Felipe Herman van Riemsdijk


  • Lim Chai Hui
  • Siddeq Asmad


  • Nina Toleva
     My personal experience with Pair Go started when I was introduced to the game by a close friend of mine. I was fascinated by the complexity and the beauty of the game. The 17th Championship has not only changed my personal life by enriching my spiritual world, but also had great influence on my academic (2012-2013, studied at The University of Tokyo) and professional career.
  • Stanislav Traykov


  • Suzanne Malo
  • Orah Castello
  • Stella Chang
     I did teach my future husband how to play Go and we had the opportunity to attend the IAPGC in 2005. It was such a fun experience!
  • Selina Chang
     I played with my father in 2002, and he forgot to put on his glasses for his first move. He mistook his first move, and placed it 5-4, one spot away. It made for an interesting joseki!
  • Huihua Lei
  • Katherine Whang
  • Jean Waldron
     Being a Pair Go partner with my son has provided many positive shared experiences.
  • Yimei Cao
  • Meng Sun
  • Alexis Liu
  • Naiting Liu
  • Sarah Yu
  • Irene Sha
  • Amira Song
     During the 22nd IAPGC, I met a pair from Netherlands who got married through Pair Go! I am still friends with them on facebook and we still chat once in a while.
  • Rita Li
  • Melissa Zhang
  • Louis Leroux
  • Young Chaye
  • Stanley Chang
     I had the opportunity to represent Canada 4 times with 2 sisters, each sister twice. There are lots of great memories that we still talk about many, many years later. I've tried to teach my wife and she's slowly improving. My daughter is only 1, and I look forward to the day when my daughter will be old enough to start learning how to play Go. Hopefully we will have another opportunity to participate in a future IAPGC with either my wife or daughter! We are so fortunate that our whole family has had a chance to participate in the world class tournament. (My father participated in the 13th IAPGC)
  • Zhengong Chang
  • Joe Whang
  • Philip Waldron
  • Charles Chang
     Hope to see the Pair Go event getting more popular in the future.
  • Zhiqi Yu
  • James Sedgwick
  • James Lin
  • Luke Chung
  • Dong Wang
  • Liang Minggao
  • Yu Lizheng
  • Gansheng Shi
  • Juyong Koh
  • Bill Lin
    Extremely interesting cultural events.
  • Andrew Huang

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