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Numbers to the right of photos indicate the tournaments played in.

Ar - Ca | Ch - Cz | Cz - Fr | Ge - It | Ko - Ma |
Ma - Ne | No - Ro | Ru - Sp | Sw - Uk | Un - Yu | Ch - Ho


  • Ko Hyoung Ok
  • Ko Meong Hee
  • Joung Ae Koung
  • Kim Tae Hyang
  • Lee Jung Won
  • Kwun Hyo Jin
  • Hae Won Han
  • Lee Min jin
     I met many people from all over the world and enjoyed friendship game after main match. Especially, I had Korean traditional clothes on, so I took many pictures with other persons. I treasured pictures of the time.
  • Kim Se-sil
     Colour of eyes and hair and language are different but for us, there was a common theme, Go, which has a power to unite as one overcoming all the differencies. What I experienced at IAPGC was the most fortunate thing in my life.
  • Kim Se-Young
  • Bae Yun-Jin
  • On Seong-Hoon
  • Lee Hajin
     The IAPGC was such a wonderful experience for me, and I was grateful that I had the opportunity to play there. It was a pity that we didn't win (came second), but I was still happy with the overall experience. Also, the fact that my mother accompanied me to the event (because I was 13 years old) helped me relax and enjoy the trip.
  • Song Ye-Seul
  • Kin Ji Eun
  • Kim Tae-Hyun
     I think the hospitality and loving Go fans have kept going IAPGC for 25 years
  • Kim Hye Lim
  • Kim Shin Young
     As a player who has taken part in this historic tournament, I am very happy that it is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. I hope the tournament will long continue.
  • Lee Yeongju
     It was extremely fun and very memorable tournament. I had a unique experience that I played friendship game in national costume with players from all over the world. More- over, I loved the festive atmosphere at the opening and closing ceremonies in which everyone enjoyed together.
  • Kim Hee Sue
  • Jang Yun Jeong
     I had a special experience. It was really fun that I got to see national costumes from all over the world.
  • Kim Sooyoung
     I was happy to see national costumes from all over the world. I think it will be my special memory forever.
  • Jeon Yujin
  • Ryu Seunghee
  • Park Yoon Seo
  • Kim Dong Won
  • Lim Dong Kyun
  • Park Sung Soo
  • Lee Kyung Bo
  • Choi Young Don
  • Lee Hak Yong
  • Park Sung-Kyun
  • Kang Shin-Young
  • Kin Dong-Seob
  • Cho Min-Soo
  • Kim Nam-Hoon
     I remember the national costume event the most. It was a beautiful scene.
  • Ha Sung Bong
  • Seo Yu Tae
  • Kang Chang Bae
  • Hong Seok Ui
     I remember that I enjoyed festive feeling with players from all over the world through Go.
  • Lee Sang Heun
     Pair Go tournament which started in Japan has spread to Korea and Pair Go tournament is held anually in Korea now. I'd like to help supporting IAPGC to have 50th and 100th anniversary.
  • Song Hong Suk
  • Lee Hoseung
  • Jeon Junhak
  • Song Hongsuk
  • Park Jongwook
  • Lee Sangbin


  • Laimute Kuriene
  • Donatas Ugenskas
  • Julija Petrina
     The atmosphere between participants was very warm although battles on Go boards were fierce. It was an extraordinary experience to play with Go players from all over the world with their unique play technics, tactics and understanding of the game. Special event with national costume gave opportunity to learn more about other cultures which opened window to the closer international friendship.
  • Andrius Petrauskas
     IAPGC is colorful. We wore national costume and got 1st place in best dresser award. Also Pair Go tournament has 50% of women which is good.


  • Hao Jiang Zou
  • Laurent Heiser
  • Hoa Nguyen
  • Zhi Kin Mok


  • Bodo Ratovoarisoa
     I think that Pair Go is very amazing and very difficult. On the other hand, the game is really interesting like seeing the suspense film.
  • Maherizo Razafindrabe
  • Ralaiarinivo Rakotoarimanana
     We really like the game but the problem is that there is no Go equipment here in Madagascar. So I made some Go equipment so that I can play with my friend.

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