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Pair Go Promotion Partner

Pair Go Promotion Partners

Numbers to the right of photos indicate the tournaments played in.

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  • Lau Hia
  • Tiong Kee Soon
  • Tee Choon How
  • Chia Kok Hiong
     First time to play in IAPGC and found it very interesting. One must have good relation & understanding with their partner before going to play in the competition. Otherwise you can't formulate a good strategy for the game.
  • Suzanne Low
     Pair Go is really a wonderful game! It teaches one to be more patient and brings out laughter during the game reviews. I really love Pair Go!
  • Wu Gwo Yong
  • Sok Nee Fong
     Great event management
  • Chin Shuenn Chyn
     It was very well organized event with players from all over the world including countries where Go is not popular. I was deeply impressed with the effort the organiser had put in to promote Pair Go.
  • Lim Shu Wen
     Memorable and worthwhile.
  • Wei Ching Cher
     Tokyo will be holding the Olympics in year 2020, it is good chance to spread the Pair Go culture since Tokyo is hot news till year 2020 by newsletter, online blogging and so on.
  • Khai Yong Cheng
     I actually like Japan a lot and IAPGC let me have a chance to go to Japan for my first time. I have a great time and I really hope to go more and more in my future life.
  • Mohd Zaid Waqiyuddin


  • Ester Monroy
    Thank you for promoting this wonderful game which has allowed me to meet and get to know a lot of friends.
  • Julian Salas
  • Omar Zavala
  • Lilian Zavala


  • Tungalag Ravjir
     It was very nice and fun.
  • Oyutbileg Tsendjav
  • Sansar Tsolmon
    ⑰ ⑲
     Very interesting
  • Bayartsengel Khadbaatar
  • Khadbaatar Deleg
     I think it was very hard but fun.
  • Uuganbat Munkh Erdene
     I was glad that I have improved my experience by playing with international players.


  • Beni Hyoju
  • Narendra Sowal


  • Loes Bieckmann
  • Rob Kok
  • Yvonne Roelofs
     It was great fun to play with people from all over the world and I also enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the dressing up in national costume for the friendship game.
  • Peter Zandveld
  • Erik Puyt
  • Annemarie Wagelaar
  • René Aaij
  • Marianne Diederen
  • Frank Janssen
  • Liesbeth Vangalen
  • Stijn Van Dongen
     Pair Go to me is the ecstasy and sometimes (comic) agony inherent in human relations; the pain of misunderstanding, the delay of action, the pursuit of different goals, and often the joy of agreement and a common goal achieved. And when all is done, there is the joy of looking back, chatting, and looking forward to the next game.
  • Els Buntsma
  • Renee Frehe
    ⑧ ⑪
  • Auke Rosendal
  • Karen Pleit
  • Filip Vanderstappen
  • Kirsten Hollmann
  • Michiel Eijkhout
     My partner Yvonne and I met through Pair Go about 15 years ago. Though we are not married, we have been living together for over 10 years now.
  • Geert Groenen
  • Willemkoen Pomstra
  • Merijn de Jong

New Zealand

  • Yucong Phease
  • Roman Pozaroszczyk
  • Ning Hu
  • Stanley Wang
  • Leonard Phease
  • Edwin Phease
  • Shiyong Du
  • Colin Grierson
     I enjoyed my tournament and felt it was well organised.

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