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Pair Go Promotion Partners

Numbers to the right of photos indicate the tournaments played in.

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North Korea

  • Li Se Ok
  • Ro Bong Huang
  • Kim Yeng Nye
  • Ki U Ho
  • Ri Yun Ok
  • Hong Hui Dok
  • Kwon Mi Hyon
  • Ku Kai Man
  • Choe Un A
  • Rim Hyon Chol
  • Jo Saebyol
  • Pak Ho Gil
  • Mun Yong Sam
  • Ri Pongil


  • Jie Li Xia
  • Gunn Larsen
  • Michelle Bjerke
  • Pernille Elisabeth Hvalby
  • Jie Lin Xia
  • Øystein Vestgården
  • Glenn Kjetil Vasdal
     Go is sadly not very known in Norway, but since my first encounter with Pair Go in 2012 at IAPGC, I've tried to introduce Pair Go to new players and also to attract more female players. Hopefully in the future we will see more players of both genders here in Norway.
  • Jon Runar Melting


  • Zoila Shigyo de Lau
     I knew of kindness and courtesy that exist in Japan, and most left me with an immense debt of gratitude for the care of the details. They left a mark on my heart.
  • Luis Adalberto Lau Carrillo
     I was asked to bring national costume, but we do not wear it. So I asked my friend and she told us to rent a costume from costume shop. That was very convenient!
  • Carolina Lui Lam Postigo
     I hope the tournament will continue uniting the people who love the "Go" and can further strengthen the bonds of brothers of all countries, because the "Go" is the language that unites us as a family.
  • Carlos Leon Rios Joels


  • Denise Verastigue
  • Martin Sacramento
  • Cherisse May Aguilon
  • Jedidiah Rueras
  • Celeste Abat
     It was a great experience because I met a lot of players from different countries.
  • John Erickson Javier


  • Katarzyna Koenig
  • Jan Lubos
  • Emilia Grudzinska
  • Leszek Soldan
     I played two times, and both events were superb with friendly atmosphere and colorfulness of national costume.
  • Aleksandra Lubos
  • Marek Kopyt
  • Olga Badziszewska
  • Janusz Kraszek
     My nicest and the most interesting Go event.
  • Malgorzata Czaplik
  • Michal Bazynski
  • Katarzyna Mazurek
     We almost missed our plane to Japan to attend the tournament in 2012. So, we called the airport staff from the train that we are going to Pair Go tournament and asked if the plane can wait for us. What a surprise - the guy from aircraft was aware of Go and he said he is a Go player, so he will do his best to wait for us. And we did it!
  • Marek Kaminski


  • Ines Teles De Menezes
  • Gabriel Branco


  • Carmen-Maria Mateescu
     Well-organised and perfect to promote Pair Go and Go.
  • Corina Tarina
  • Irina Davis
  • Ana-Maria Szilagyi
  • Liliana Iacob
  • Adelina Sora
  • Laura Augustina Avram
  • Andreea Elena Pirvu
  • Constantin Cristian Ghioc
  • Lucian Deaconu
  • Valentin Gheorghiu
  • George Bajenaru
  • Lulian Toma
  • Cornel Burzo
     It was an excellent event, very well organised and very nice atmosphere.
  • Lucian Corlan
     I had great memories from my participation to the IAPGC, which meant also the first visit to Japan. Being there was quite a privilege.
  • Lucretiu Calota
     I play Pair Go since the 90s but at the beginning it wasn't something serious, my individual career as a Go player was more important. Nowadays I think both are legitimate pursuits. This 25th aniversary should become a great way to let people know about Pair Go, to make it popular among Go players.

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