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Pair Go Promotion Partners

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United Kingdom

  • Sue Paterson
  • Kirsty Healey
  • Alison Bexfield
     I think that playing Pair Go with someone is a good test of whether they would make a good husband or wife. I met Simon Bexfield at a Go tournament. We were married in 2000 and have been Pair Go partners since that time. When I play Pair Go with Simon we are both very understanding of any mistakes either of us makes. There is no tension between us. We also have different strengths and weaknesses which work well together. Our daughters are now growing up and playing Go. Our eldest daughter is hoping to one day play in the IAPGC.
  • Alison Cross
  • Helen Harvey
  • Jackie Siew Yoong Chai
  • Natasha Regan
  • Jenny Radcliffe
  • Jim Barty
  • Matthew Macfadyen
  • Andrew Jones
  • Nicholas Webber
  • John Mcleod
  • Desmond Cann
  • Tony Atkins
  • Martin Harvey
  • Francis Roads
     Very well organised, an excellent venue, and the tournament played in true Pair Go spirit.
  • Matt Cocke
  • Simon Bexfield
     My first visit to Japan was with a friend, Alison, but when I returned from it Alison was my fiancee. During the trip to Japan for the Pair Go, I did not know that I was about to propose, and it seems I was more surprised than Alison that I did. Now with two Go-playing daughters (aged 13 and 10), it seems that Pair Go helps bind people and families together as well as bringing them together.


  • Eugenia Ellis
  • Alvaro Rittatore


  • Debbie Siemon
     It is hard to believe that 25 years have passed since the first Pair Go tournament. I think Pair Go has added a whole new dimension to the game of Go, and the idea that it would bring an element of social and more women to the game was proven to be correct!
  • Judy Schwabe
  • Leeanne Bowie
  • Pauline Pohl
     Pair Go is more popular than ever here in the United States and there are so many more young women playing Go. It is such a fun tournament here in the United States, men seek out women and girls asking them to play as their partner. People become friends this way.
  • Joanne Phipps
  • Louisa Chan
     I met a lot of people from many countries and cultures. It was fun.
  • Gina Shi
     They were a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to meet different Go players from around the world.
  • Wan Chen
     Japan Pair Go Association has made a great contribution to the world, very good for the Go community around the world. Pair Go inspires people to play Go together and make us think about Go in a new way. It builds teamwork, and players respect each other.
  • Kristen Burral
  • Cherry Shen
  • Yinli Wang
     Playing Pair Go is more fun than one to one playing. I believe that if more and more people come to play Pair Go, then more and more pairs would get married.
  • Roxanne Tam
  • Amy Su
     I enjoyed the goodwill match and being able to see so many people from many different countries. It was incredible to see that Pair Go is quickly spreading across the world in 25 years.
  • Amy Wang
     I find it fascinating that Pair Go was created more than 10 years before I was born.
  • Yiwen Ye
  • Gabriella Su
  • Peng Zhili
  • Thomas Hsiang
     It is extraodinary that the Japan Pair Go Association and Mr. and Mrs. Taki were able to sustain and expand the Pair Go to where it is today 25 years. This tournament is great for building friendship and for promoting Go.
  • John Lee
  • James Chien
     I have a picture from the tournament still hanging on my wall at home.
  • Ted Ning
  • Ned Phipps
  • Joey Hung
  • Mozheng Guan
  • Yuan Zhou
  • Curtis Tang
  • Eric Lui
     In many ways, Pair Go is just as exciting, dynamic, and important as individual Go. Through Pair Go, I made a lifelong friend.
  • Lionel Zhang
     Met many interesting people from around the world and had a great time!
  • Justin Ching
     Very fun and glad to meet so many Go lovers from all around the world.
  • Daehyuk Ko
  • Jeremy Chiu
  • Justin Teng


  • Irina Guskova
  • Alexey Lazarev


  • Maria Puerta
     Is a great success to keep a tournament for 25 years! Sure, it is a big improvement to spread Go through the world. Specially for ladies. Playing Pair Go is competitive but cultivates a deeper sense of the human feeling.
  • Miguelangel Yabrudes
  • Angel Gutierrez


  • Nguyen Thi Huong
  • Nguyen Thi Hong Anh
  • Mai Tran
  • Nguyen Thi Tam Anh
  • Pham Thi Kim Long
  • Hoang Nam Thang
  • Le Mai Duy
     Very interesting! I enjoyed very much!
  • Thanh Tran
  • Bui Le Khanh Lam
  • Pham Minh Quang
     It was an amazing week I spent in Japan and I was honored to participate in.
  • Do Khanh Binh
  • Vo Nhat Minh


  • Slavica Stankovic
  • Dragan Mitic

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