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Pair Go Promotion Partners

Numbers to the right of photos indicate the tournaments played in.

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  • Martina Šimůnková
  • Petr Valasek
  • Lenka Snepova
  • Martin Kuzela
  • Klara Zaloudkova
     I played in the tournament 4 times. It was always very nice to meet players from all around the world, It has more friendly athmosphere compared to other tournaments.
  • Zbynek Dach
  • Jan Hora
     I really appreciate Pair Go that is interesting, educating and create nice social opportunities.
  • Jana Hricova
  • Ondrej Silt
  • Jitka Bartova


  • Lone Mortensen
  • Morten Mortensen
  • Stina Pedersen
  • Jesper Pedersen
  • Marit Edna Ohlenbusch
  • Arne Ohlenbusch


  • Ana Cruz Torres
  • Diego Albuja Ortiz
  • Maria Jose Almeida Ayala
  • Edisson Paul Vasquez Albuja
     In the 21st tournament, the French pair we played with told us that practicing together before the event made them to have strong feelings. I had a chance to meet wonderful players and I learnt a lot, and from that I have grown up.


  • Sari Kohonen
     It is wonderful that Pair Go tournaments have been played already for such a long time. It can keep up especially female motivation to play Go in different countries.
  • Vesa Laatikainen
     In Finland, we have arranged many Pair Go events in summer and in countryside. It has been great fun to play outside and in summer house premises.
  • Helena Niinisalo
  • Ari Karppinen
  • Suvi Leppänen
  • Teemu Rovio
  • Sinikka Siivola
     It was really nice to meet players from all over the world. The atmosphere was enthusiastic.
  • Matti Siivola
     We had the 15 year anniversary of Helsinki Go Club in 1994 and celebrated it with a cruise to Tallinn. On the way back we decided to start a long Pair Go tournament: all possible pairs against all possible opposing pairs with three male and three female players. The tournament took 18 rounds.
  • Elina Pieniniemi
     It is my favorite tournament. It was nice to play Pair Go with people from all around the world. It was really nice to share the experience with my boyfriend.
  • Antti Tormanen
     Please keep on spreading Pair Go! I'll try to do the same to the best of my ability.


  • Dominique Cornuejols
     I play Pair Go championship in France with a young player who started Go in my Go school a few years ago. Now I am 62 and shodan, he is 20 and 4 dan. It is very pleasant for me to have him as a partner in Pair Go games.
  • Pierre Aroutcheff
  • Denis Feldman
  • Monique Berreby
     With the Pair Go, we met very nice people in Japan, and now we are in contact with Japanese Go players. It's a very nice feeling to know people who like the same game and have a so different life.
  • Gilles Zemor
  • Marie Claire Chaine
  • Pierre Colmez
  • Leila Schneps
  • Francois Mizessyn
  • Claude Parreau
  • Paul Drouot
  • Aude Friren
  • Jeff Seailles
  • Helene Coulombe
     I congratulate you on this anniversary. I think it's natural that this event continue !
  • Farid Ben Malek
  • Denis Hanotin
  • Jean Michel
     I participated in the 19th tournament, sports mind games in Beijing. Very nice event, very enjoyable.
  • Gaultier Astrid
  • Myrtille Cristiani
  • Olivier Clergue
     Pair Go for me is a very good occasion to visit Japan. I love Japanese and Japanese style of life.
  • Anne Tombarello
  • Simon Billouet
     It was a wonderful moment, meeting a lot of new people. There was plenty of strong players I was happy to meet, such as Ishida sensei and Takemiya sensei.
  • Milena Bocle
     It was a great pleasure to meet with people from all around the world and we got to know each other and learn more also in people's culture. Still, we communicate with some players I met there, and it gave a lot of motivation for national competition as well. Probably the best event I ever attended!
  • Antoine Fenech
  • Ngoc-Trang Cao

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